• @not sure what to do Open-ended shit like that is overwhelming. Do small concrete things: If/when you go over, put your dishes in the dishwasher once you're done. Ask if there's laundry she needs switched over to the dryer. Little things like that ALWAYS get lost in the fog.
  • @repressed sexual abuse:
    same here..
    I have to say I'm relieved that there's someone out there with the same problem.
  • @WhatToDo
    Tell her that. Say "I'm so sorry that happened. I don't know what I can do, but if there's anything you need, I can try to help."
  • I feel that I have repressed sexual abuse. I have flashbacks and dreams that feel like deja vu. I don't know what scratching the itch will do for my life. In my subconscious, the attacker was a family member.
    Repressing the thought and letting it be might be the best action long-term.
  • @therapy. I was the same. I offered and turned up and he didn't. Fast forward six months and he's begging me to try again despite watching me move on and get on with the life I never wanted
  • Fun fact: I'm out of Lamictal. I had requested a refill earlier this week, but then a got a message from the pharmacy saying they were having trouble getting in touch with my doctor. I tried calling, and her phone is disconnected.
  • I ended our marriage and you quickly began seeing her to get over me. You can't handle being alone. I've asked you to go to therapy to work on you, but you won't go and I can't make you go. I'm never bringing it up again.
  • I really hate Etsy.
  • My brother's girlfriend's younger brother died. I never met him. I have no idea what to do.
  • My husband can really be an asshole. But most of the time he's great.
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