• I’m mean...I think it’s all good to fuck Ronnie as long as it’s two consenting adults having safe sex and just generally having a totally awesome time...

    Like, if that’s the case, go Ronnie and Not-Amy!
  • Do I really care if the scene needs more musicians sleeping with fans, my life and actions bave nothing to do with statistics. I’m an adult who makes my own decisions, i was just was looking for some conversation about it with people who arent judgey. Maybe I’ll fuck Ronnie Radke maybe I won’t. Hopefully I will. Lol
  • Do you really think the scene needs more musicians sleeping with fans? Really?
  • @crossdressing
    If you really aren’t comfortable with it, or are feeling this way, I would definitely tell your bf. I’m sure he would understand!
  • If Amy gets him PLEASE come back on here and tell me exactly how she managed. Hahahahaha I’ll do the same 😘
  • So my bf of many years is newly into cross dressing men. I am semi into the idea, but now we’re talking to one and making plans of meeting up and I’m scared. I know my boyfriend isn’t in love with this person it’s just a sexual experience he wants to try out but the thought of watching him have sex with someone else, seeing him cum for someone else, I’m terrified it will kill me inside.
  • @buried in failure

    I feel like that too, you are not alone. Things will get better, you will find the path for you.
  • Well as Not Amy I must say, I think Amy is the least of my worries, he has girls becoming legal everyday throwing themselves at him (Ronnie Radke) and I’m sure they are super hot. I just wonder if he would actually do it. I’ll be at atleast 3 of warped tours dates this year, fingers crossed he is as easy as he claims to be. Hahaha
  • Buried in my failures and choking on dirt.
  • I'm having a hard time staying friends with you. I know you want to give me space, but you also know that I've been going through hell this year. Why haven't you asked me if I'm okay when you don't hear from me? Why do I STILL have to be the initiator of the relationship, even though I'm the one falling apart this time? Honestly? Your selfishness is showing, and it it ain't pretty.
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