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Are all 500,000 secrets true?


I think this question is more complicated than it might appear on the
surface. Of course, no one could claim that all 500,000 secrets are
"true" in the strictest sense or the word.

But I think of each postcard as a work of art. And as art, secrets can
have different layers of truth. Some can be both true and false, others
can become true over time depending on our choices.

Sometimes a secret we keep from ourselves only becomes true after we read it on a strangers postcard.

Do you know that I left my boyfriend of a year and a half because of
the postcard that read; 'His temper is so scary, I've lost all my
opinions'. It hadn't even occurred to me what was happening and it took
a total stranger writing it down to make me realize what the hell was
going on in my life.

The woman who shared this with me describes an epiphany she had from
seeing the artistic message that was true for her on a stranger's
postcard. Whether or not the secret was "true" or "false" in the
strictest sense of the word was not an important question for her.

Here is another email I recieved: The secret I mailed in last week was true when I wrote it.  But it's not anymore.



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